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Interior design
Custom furnishings

Furlan Mobili: a company that has been operating in the furniture sector for over half a century and which, defying the laws of the current market, based on the pure sale of the product with little or no service, keeps its consolidated identity intact, updating it in the years.

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Our services

Interior Design

We can also provide you with a “tailor-made” furniture service: if you cannot find your piece of furniture among the brands we offer, or if you have particular needs dictated by space, our carpentry will be able to do whatever you need.

Space evaluation

Our work begins with the evaluation of the space you need to furnish, on paper and through site inspections. If you already have clear ideas, we will follow you in the choice of furniture that meets your taste; otherwise we study and design the best solutions in terms of space, materials and style, then proposing our ideas to you and guiding you in choosing the solution that best suits you.

Collaboration with prestigious brands

We deal with the most prestigious brands on the furniture market, to always offer you the best at the right price: elegance, quality, refinement are our watchwords.

REALIZATIONSother projects


Made-to-measure kitchen With Black Fenix fronts and Natural Oak elements

A winning material contrast for a modern and innovative solution. A made-to-measure creation, where details leave no room for chance.

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Walk-in closet Custom made with glass doors

A generous walk-in closet with a fully illuminated interior, made by making the most of the spaces and customizing the different heights. An innovative and spacious solution with a Perry wall structure with glass doors by Novamobili and a central island that can be used from all four sides made by our in-house carpentry.

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Sophisticated design Modern sideboard

A modern sideboard is a piece of furniture that combines contemporary style, functionality and sophisticated design. This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for completing the decor of a dining room, living room or open space.

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Public grants/benefits
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Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze - Dipartimento delle Finanze - Direzione Rapporti fiscali europei e internazionali2020Contributo art. 25 Dl 34/2020 (Decreto rilancio luglio 2020) € 5.400,00
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